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Your business listing on major search engines
and directories will start as soon as you pay a
$3.50 fee. You can immediately take
advantage of the many benefits we offer, which
are described on this site. Your monthly fee
will be charged to the credit or debit card
information you provide to us today. In
addition to the low $3.50 fee, you
will be billed 25ยข each time a customer has viewed
your business listing (reference). This customer
reference fee will be charged each month to the debit
or credit card you haave provided to us. To ensure
continuous service, on or about the same day of the
month that your account was activated, our then-current
monthly fee and customer reference fee will be
automatically charged to the debit or credit
card you provide to us today. You are allowed
to cancel your service at any time. 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you are
dissatisfied, call our customer care number at (856) 812-4463
to cancel your account. Upon cancellation, you'll no
longer be charged/debited the monthly fee and you will
only be charged/debited for customer references which
occurred on or before the cancellation date.