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Cindy C Burchill With Nikken is an independent consultant started at 1990. 
My journey with Nikken Products began in 1990.  I had a career as a Postmaster and had become mysteriously ill.  Finally, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the lower lumbar of my back along with severe Fibromyalgia.  These affected the lower portion of my body, including my legs and feet.  Walking or standing for any length of time became unbearably painful and nearly impossible.
In April of 2012 I became an Independent Nikken Consultant.  Since I have filled my home with all types of the wellness products.  I began using the Kenzen Joint for the osteoarthritis in my lower back.  I had swelling so extensive my entire tailbone was swollen.  After a month the inflammation was gone.  There was and is no pain or sensitivity.  To be sure I went off the product.  Oh yeah!  I went right back on it and haven't stopped taking it.  These products are vital to my wellbeing. 

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