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  • Odenton MD Underground Utility Locating Service
  • Odenton MD Underground Cable Pipe & Wire Locating Service
  • Odenton MD Private and Public Utility Locating
  • Odenton MD Ground Penetrating Radar Services
  • Commercial or Residential locating project
  • Leak Detection
  • Built Mapping, Site Layout and Utility Planning
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    Monday   24/7  24/7
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    Friday  24/7  24/7
    Saturday 24/7  24/7
    Sunday 24/7 24/7

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With more than 35 years of experience, Triple A Locating Services LLC is dedicated to delivering professional, accurate, detailed Locates to each of our clients.
Established in the year 2004, We offer 24 hour service, available at a moments notice. We take the time to thoroughly inspect, locate and map out all private utilities. We also do comparative pricing on specific jobs such as personal residences. In terms of customers service, our clients speak directly to the locator and get exact details concerning all markings. If you are interested in our locating services, call Triple A Locating Services LLC in Odenton, MD to learn more about our utility locating.
We provide well inspections as well as utility locating. Don’t hesitate before it’s too late and contact Triple A Locating Services LLC in Odenton, MD today!

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  • Residential, Commercial
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